World Kiss Day

Florence, 13 April 2022 – If the masks have for so long obscured lips and dissuaded tenderness, today is the right day of revenge: April 13 is celebrated in fact the World Kissing Day, in the World Kiss Day. This date was set to commemorate the longest kiss in history, which a Thai couple traded to win the Kissathon, first kissing for 46 hours, 24 minutes and 9 seconds, and then breaking their own record on February 14, 2013, arriving at 58 hours, 35 minutes and 58 seconds In England this anniversary has been celebrated since 1990 but on July 6, in the USA on June 22 and in India on Valentine’s Day, February 13, even if in this country it is forbidden to kiss before marriage, a rule that is gradually being lost. From a scientific point of view, kissing engages 34 facial muscles, 112 postural muscles, and about 80 million bacteria. From the artistic point of view, the kiss was immortalized in the famous sculpture of Rodin, in the painting of Klimt, by Francesco Hayez who stopped on canvas in the romantic 19th century. He inspired one of the best-known verses of Cyrano de Bergerac, in which Edmond Rostand writes: “What is a kiss? A pink apostrophe between the words I love you”. And the photo dated August 14, 1945, of a sailor and a nurse kissing passionately in Times Square, in a New York City celebrating the end of World War II, has become an icon. A few numbers. In our life we exchange about 100 thousand kisses and always according to some studies, Italians and French would kiss on average 7 times a day, Germans, and Swedes only 4. 65% of people, to kiss, tilt their heads to the right. As for kisses between friends, in France, they give 2, 3 or 4 depending on the region, in America never on the cheek, in Germany just a timid hint, in Rio de Janeiro only one but in São Paulo two. Two also in Italy and Hungary, in Austria, even the kissing hand resists, in Sudan, there is the belief that the mouth is the window of the soul and that through a kiss your soul can even be stolen. Why are you kissing? For many reasons, including sociological: it has been shown that the most complex societies are those in which people kiss the most often. But above all the kiss has beneficial power for health: it lowers the pressure, reduces stress, strengthens the immune system, and seems to also act as a powerful anti-wrinkle. The first kiss is never forgotten: according to a survey 78% of women called it one of the most important moments of their youth and remember exactly everything about that moment: the emotion, the partner, and the place. But there are not only the kisses of couples in love, even those intended for their children, the mother’s kiss in the first place, followed by those of goodnight and those to your pet. A romantic gesture par excellence, cinema has immortalized him in cult scenes: unforgettable that of Rose and Jack in Titanic, the kiss in Ghost and in Breakfast at Tiffany, and above all Lilli and the Tramp in the famous spaghetti dinner.

And for those who are not yet convinced, know that some research has shown that kissing frequently has the power to extend life up to 5 years. Kissing to believe.

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