World Heritage Sites in London: Maritime Greenwich

Greenwich is a district in London with a long story. During the 15th century it was the site of the Palace Placentia. During the English Civil War the Palace was destroyed and a hospital was rebuilt in its place by Sir Cristopher Wren. Then this building became a military college known as the Old Royal Naval College. The Queen’s House is in Greenwich, too.

Maritime Greenwich is one of the 4 World Heritage Sites in London. The Site includes the Royal park, the Palatial Baroque complex of the Royal Hospital for Seamen, the 17th century Queen’s House and the Royal Observatory. These Sites testify the English creative, aesthetic and scientific efforts in the 17th and 18th centuries that improved the development of global navigation.

The Royal Observatory performed a very important role in astronomy and navigation but today it is most famous because the Prime Meridian passes through it and gives its name to Greenwich MeanTime.

Queen’s House was created by Inigo Jones and it was the first Palladian structure in Britain.

The Royal Hospital is one of the most famous Baroque Buildings in the country and one of the most famous landmarks in the UK.

The Royal Park dates back to the 1660s and it is known for its symmetry. Greenwich Park is said to be the most historic of all London’s Royal Parks. The park was originally owned by the Abbey of St. Peter at Ghent. In 1427 its ownership reverted to the crown, and Henry VI gave the park to his uncle, the Duke of Gloucester.

With a stunning view of Canary Wharf and the Isle of Dogs, and a rich history within its 183 acres, there is plenty to explore within Greenwich Park.

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