The literary heritage that writers of the past handed down to us is a precious treasure. Also, it is a way to meditate on life and its meaning, especially in this struggling historical period in which our lives have been forced to change and adjust, not without some severe consequences on our way of being and acting and our personality. 

After reading the famous Romantic poem “I was wandering lonely as a cloud” by Wordsworth, I focused on the thought of the poet who values the concept of “memories recollected in tranquility”. An existential question came up. Is living the moment better than remembering it? 

If I had been asked this question months ago, I would have answered without thinking too much: definitely living the moment without thinking about it! But now I would answer differently. 

This 2020 has taken away from us something that we all took for granted: our time. The time we used to spend on a normal weekend with our relatives, a normal movie date with our closest friends or that last-minute with a group of friends. 

In these long months, I have spent a lot of time alone, I have thought a thousand times over what I was used to doing the months before. It seems irreal to reflect on the trivialities we used to worry about: arriving on time for a show at the theatre, putting make up on to feel beautiful and self-confident, covering yourself with perfume to impress people.

Now these worries have given rise to something more serious: the concerns for the health of our loved ones and of ourselves. At this moment, you realize how lucky you are by having a roof over your head, your teachers, your parents always by your side ready to reassure you. However, it’s obvious that we all think about it all the time and we miss the past. 

I often find myself being “pensive”; I try to remember the beautiful moments so that my bad mood can be replaced by the tranquility experienced in some past photos taken in happy and carefree past days.

Over this year, I have realized that everything we have is not to be taken for granted and that we should be grateful.

In his poem Wordsworth writes: “the bliss of solitude“. We all should understand that loneliness is not something to be afraid of, but we still have to welcome life and not to hide from it.

We must understand that life is too short and unpredictable to dwell on what you do not have, on quarrels, on resentments or on wars and every day we should get up and ask ourselves: am I really living my life or am I just letting time pass without being the protagonist?

Get up and be “the star”!

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Arianna Bardetta


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