In recent decades, from all points of view, the situation of women has undergone fundamental changes. A woman is not synonymous with weakness, nor is she the person who plays the most marginal role in the family, but she is regarded as all other family members, She does not only dedicate herself to house cleaning, but also dedicates herself to savings management, and in many cases contributes to the family budget by looking for work.

After years of steadfast demands for release, liberation and equal rights, she obtained and still owns them today.

Currently she is increasingly involved in social life, in knowledge and in the world of work, and has more self-esteem and is aware of her choices.

Today’s women are no longer afraid of male judgments.

Our constitution supports the fact that women should have the same rights as men. Women in this era have the opportunity to better integrate into society from all points of view, now women can work in hospitals and judicial departments, in law firms, in psychology and in the police.

Fortunately, in this era women have the same rights as men and have the freedom to work but unfortunately some women in different countries are still prevented from freeing anything but above all they are underestimated by men.

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