Women in sport

The history of sports has always been characterized by a male predominance, so marking also in this field the gender differences women have suffered in other aspects of society. In fact, men take part more than women to sports activities and men’s sports are much more popular than women’s ones.

The turning point came only between the seventies and eighties of the twentieth century, when thanks to the feminist movements, women started to be taken more into consideration also in sports. These are the years when Sara Simeoni won the gold medal at the Moscow Olympics in the high jump and Martina Navratilova was the only one to excel in all the Grand Slams of tennis. 

Another step forward was in 2012, when at the Olympics the number of female athletes was the same as the number of male athletes.

Today, there are still lots of gender disparities in sports from the point of view of salary, but in 2021 a very important goal was achieved for Italian sportswomen who have had the opportunity to be recognized as professionals also on the contractual front thanks to the “Commissione Bilancio del Senato”. Thanks to this, women are put on an equal footing with their male colleagues.

 Despite the difficulties that women have to face while following a sports career and being at the same time wives and mothers, there are several Italian women who over the years have won different important prizes, such as : Federica Pellegrini, a great swimmer who is the youngest Italian athlete to stand on an individual Olympic podium, Vanessa Ferrari who is a champion artistic gymnast and just in the Olympics played in Tokyo in 2022 she came third, but also Francesca Piccinini and Paola Egonu who are two of the greatest volleyball players in the world.

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