As in most European countries nowadays a large number of women in Britain go out to work and the situation of working women in Britain is very similar to that in most European contries. Contemporary women are emancipated, able to get jobs and support themselves. In othe words, they are indipendent and above all they aren’t willing to accept the subservient role that women had in the past when they got married.

In Britain the full partecipation of women in industry, in the professions and in all kinds of public administration is accepted as a normal feature of the national way of life.

One great change in the structure of the working population during the past generation has been caused by the great increase in the number of women, particularly married women, who go out to work. Althought the principle of equal pay for equal work is today accepted, the average weekly earnings of women in industry are less than those of their male colleagues. This difference is due to the fact that women are for the most part engaged in different tasks and are paid less than men on the grounds that their tasks are unskilled or semi-skilled.

Women are paid the same salary for doing the same work in medicine, dentistry, journalism, pharmaceuticals, hospital administration… but things are changing.

Today women can do anything they want if they are talented. Job opportunities for woman have increased. However there are still very few women holding top positions in industry, commerce and other professions like judges or members of Parliament.

Despite years of political preassure and legislation women are still almost invisible at the top of the most public organizations, of course except the Queen!

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My trip in Malta gave me very good feelings! First of all, the school environment was very nice, and the teachers were.  very gentle and

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