November 25 is the world day against the violence on women; this day isn’t just a day in which we remember that women must not suffer violence, but it is the day in which we must fight to improve men’s attitude towards them just because they deserve it for the greatness they have shown since ancient times. Among them Boudicca.

She was the queen of the Celtic tribe of the Iceni, she was born into a noble family and learned Celtic culture and traditions from a second adoptive family where she lived until the age of 17. Shortly after adolescence she married the King of the tribe, Prasutago, with whom she had two daughters. The latter was perhaps placed on the throne of the Iceni by the Romans themselves, after a rebellion of the tribe in 47 A.D. According to tradition, Prasutago should have appointed the Roman Emperor himself heir to his possessions, in that year Nero; however, he didn’t want to leave the domain to Nero, and decided to appoint both the emperor and Boudicca and his two daughters heir. On her death the Romans didn’t accept this condition and took over the territory of the Iceni, and right here we can see the violence against Boudicca who is publicly humiliated, being stripped and whipped, as well as her two young daughters who are raped. Unfortunately the names of these two girls are unknown to us, all we know is this negative part of their life. Boudicca, however, retaliated by calling her people together and incited them to revolt. She managed to put together an impressive army for the time, so being able to raze many Roman cities to the ground. So she avenged herself and her daughters for the humiliation suffered.

This is just one of the many examples of violence against women. Going back to the present day, however, it still seems absurd that in the world there are women subject to their companions, who every day suffer violence not only physical, but above all verbal. Yet there are, and it is they themselves who don’t denounce, who hope that one day the situation will change for the better.

But, Boudicca’s experience teaches us that inaction results in nothing. One must have the courage to speak, to ask for help and report the violence suffered; this is the first step towards freedom and salvation of women.

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