Wolverhampton casino worker who resigned over money laundering fears wins employment tribunal

Bayne Bailey was promoted to compliance officer and money laundering reporting officer (MLRO) at Casino 36 in Wolverhampton in 2017 and part of her role was to ensure that they complied with Gambling Commission rules and regulations.

But an employment tribunal heard that when she told her bosses that some clients seemed to be spending beyond their means and that they should be told to produce evidence of their income, she was rebuffed.

Sources of income are supposed to be checked not only to prevent criminal activities but also to protect those addicted to gambling.

One customer, identified only as “LS “ was said to have lost £77,000 in 12 months – and another, identified as “S”, lost £10,800 in three months.

Miss Bailey also told casino owner Adrian Ballard that some customers were breaching rules by using large amounts of loose cash – a clue that money laundering might be involved – but Mr Ballard told her the money was traceable as previous winnings.

While she was off work with stress her line manager Craig Dobson suggested that she “take on a more suitable role” which would be less demanding, claiming that her performance during her probationary period had been unacceptable.

Instead she resigned, and an employment tribunal has upheld her claim of constructive dismissal. The panel also ruled that she had suffered detriments because of the protected disclosures she had made.

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