Winnie The Pooh

The first collection of children’s stories starring the sweet bear Winnie The Pooh was published on October 14, 1926 thanks to the imagination and paternal vocation of the writer Alan Alexander Milne. The protagonist of these stories is a teddy bear by Christopher, initially baptized Edward, then more confidentially Teddy, and finally Winnie.  The latter name belongs to a bear cub that has won the hearts of many London children.  This is a little mumless bear that veterinary officer Colebourn bought in Canada during the First World War.  Then at the end of the war he donated it to the city zoo.  The bear is initially baptized Winnipeg from the name of the hometown of Colebourn.  Then the sweetness of his character leads everyone to call him with the diminutive Winnie.

Milne builds a whole world of fantasy around the Winnie puppet, to which he gives the second name Pooh, borrowed from that of a swan which, once again, is part of little Christopher’s encounters.  In his collection, the writer attributes the choice of the second name Pooh to the teddy bear’s habit of blowing away every fly that passes under his nose.

The characters that populate Winnie’s world are themselves inspired by Christopher’s toys, and characterized by qualities such as kindness, altruism and generosity.  Accompanying the bear in its adventures are: the melancholy donkey Eeyore, the tiger fond of jumping Tigger, the shy and sweet pink pig Pimpi, the mother kangaroo Kanga, the little kangaroo Roo, pupil of Tigger’s jumping, the stubborn and grumpy rabbit Cap, the wise owl Ugh, and of course Christopher Robin.  All the friendly characters live in the famous 100 Acre Wood which is actually the garden of the writer’s house.  And Winnie in particular is staying in an old oak tree, spending her days eating honey and composing verses.

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