Winds of war: should we fear?

Why did we start talking about the third world war? What is happening between Ukraine and Russia scares the world, but the question is not yet clear to everyone. Today I am here to try to explain it to you.

Where does it all come from? To understand what is happening you have to go back a few years. It was 1991 when the Soviet Union and Ukraine fell. From that moment on, relations between Kiev (capital of Ukraine) and Moscow (capital of Russia) have not been excellent.
In Ukraine some governments took turns, some close to Russia, others more to the West, and there were even moments of harsh citizen protest!

And then? In 2014, the so-called “Crimean crisis” broke out. Crimea is a very important region: whoever controls it has power over the Black Sea. The territory belongs “on paper” to Ukraine but in 2014 it was annexed to Russia following the entry of Russian troops and a popular referendum, judged however illegal by the UN.

And now? Russia considers Ukraine a key state for its security. One of the main reasons for Russia’s possible invasion is to prevent Ukraine from joining the NATO.
We have been talking about it since 2008, without ever doing anything about it. Putin, president of Russia, claims the “historical right” over Kiev and is against the supply of aid, armaments and troops by states to the Atlantic alliance. In 2014, for example, Ukraine received $ 2.7 billion as US aid

What is happening? Russia has reportedly amassed around 130,000 troops on the Ukrainian border and over 30 warships are practicing in the Black Sea. It is not certain, but the Russian invasion could take place these days.

The consequences? The United States has already sent over 3,000 troops to Ukraine. Biden raised the risk of a third world war. China, on the other hand, supports Russia. Italy as well as other countries has suggested its fellow citizens in Ukraine to leave the country.

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