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William, or better William James Adams, is an American rapper, record producer, television star and voice actor.

William was born in Los Angeles on March 15, 1975 and then he is almost 47.

He started his rapping career in 1992 and his best songs are: Scream and Shout, with Britney Spears, That Power with Justin Bieber and Feelin’ Myself with Miley Cyrus, Khalifa, French Montana and Mustard.

William’s most famous films are “Madagascar2, The Voice UK, Rio and Rio 2.

 As voice actor he is known for voicing Moto Moto, Pedro, and John Wraith.

William was part of some bands, Atban Klann and Jawbreakers and he is in Black Eyed Peas.

Over the years he has been able to evolve his sound and his musical research, becoming the secret of the success not only of his groups, but of many great artists he was the producer.

Let’s find out some curiosities about this man of the future.

Before becoming famous as a musician, he wanted to become a famous fashion designer and he attended the Los Angeles Fashion Institute Of Design and Merchandising.

In 2009 he created a foundation to provide financial support and opportunities for young people to go to university, especially for kids coming from the ghetto he came from.

William is a sensitive person because he uses his popularity to help other people, giving them the opportunity to improve their life.

I am a William’s fan and I like everything of him

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