Can you number how many languages exist? It’s a difficult job, though FOCUS.IT says there are about 6700 ones.

Why is language so important?  No doubt, it represents the history of any country, of any  population.  But why are there so many languages?

The motivation is to be found in ancient times of man’s history.

About 2269-2030 b.C. when men were few on earth, the king of Babel (who was a hunter), called Nimrod, pushed by pride, wanted to build a tower to merge people and cultures in order to avoid God’s aim to fill the earth with humans.

They said to one another: “Come! Let us make bricks and bake them with fire.” So they used bricks instead of stones, and bitumen as mortar. They now said: “Come! Let us build a city for ourselves and a tower with its top in the heavens, and let us make a celebrated name for ourselves, so that we will not be scattered over the entire face of the earth.” ( Genesis 11:1-4).

So God decided to stop them by changing their languages, in order to avoid them to understand each other, so they stopped building that tower and started to live all over the earth (Genesis 11:5-9). These are the ruins of Babylon, from the word Babel, which means confusion like the oneresulting from the many languages they had started to speak.

So, since that very moment everyone has been speaking different languages, even on the web!

   What are the most translated web-site?

1 jw.org – about 1028 languages

Made by Jehovah’s Witnesses. Here you can find answers to all of your question about life, you can read the Bible, watch video, listen to music and others contents. All you can find is free!

2 Wikipedia.org – about 317 language

It’s similar to an encyclopedia, you can find contents from tech to science, from history to contemporary politics. Everyone can write an article on Wikipedia, and everyone can modify it, so it’s free to use.

3 Samsung – about 166 languages

A commercial website to buy smartphones, tablet… and to receive technical support

4 Google – about 164 languages

It’s the search engine that everyone use. You can find thousands websites!

5 Apple – about 125 languages

If you want to buy an iPhone online this is the best place, advisors can help you to make a choice, they can help you to fix a problem on your device.

In this large variety of languages many people in the world uses English (about 380 billion native speakers ) because it’s a cool, easy and fluent language. It’s largely used because in the past U.K. controlled many settlements all around the world. Later, many of these colonies in America joined together to make the U.S.A. later in the XX century U.S.A. had a great role in the world wars and in other fields like tech and science.

Languages ​, borders and cultures can change over time, but it is very likely that, in our lifetime, English will remain the number one language in the world.

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