Why is Mother’s day Today?

In most of the world today is Mother’s day. In Italy Mother’s day is celebrated the second Sunday of May every year. This year is 8th May. It is an important day because it is a symbol of gratitude for what mothers do for their children. Many years ago the polytheists celebrated mother Earth as the goddess of birth of nature in Spring. Greek people celebrated the deity Rea as the mother of all Gods. The Romans too had the symbol of Mother nature. The feast has the meaning that  each mother is the centre of origin of every family, the centre of love and affection. Every mother must be respected every day and not only the day of the feast. It is a tradition to give a present or a flower as a symbol of love to their mums, especially if the gift is made by yourself.

The origin of this day comes from an American woman called Wilson. She died in 1905. Mother’s day existed in the end of XIX century. It was introduced by an American pacifist called Ann Reeves Jarvis. She fought against the death of babies caused by the contamination of milk. She organised meeting and various events among mothers. Mother’s day is celebrated in this period because Ann Jarvis died on 9th May. This date was used by the other European countries. In Italy, this day was dedicated to mothers when Don Otello Migliosi decided to celebrate a day dedicated to mothers for the first time in 1957, in Assisi. Another inventor of this day was the Senator and Mayor Raul Zaccari, in Bordighera, he decided to celebrate it in 1956. All over the world Mother’s day is  not celebrated the same day.  Only in some countries like Germany, Austria, Greece , United States, South Africa, Switzerland and many others. In UK it is celebrated during Lent. In other parts of the world Mother’s day is celebrated in December, August, November, February, March and October. Everybody celebrate this day in honour of all the women who have been a mother.

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