A path full of wonders. A Nature Reserve that begins with fascination, because the pleasure of adventure is already linked to the sound of its name: the Gypsy . An ups and downs of the coast, between the green of the vegetation and the blue-white transparency of the coves.Seven kilometers of nature from San Vito Lo Capo to Castellammare del Golfo. Whether you decide to follow it starting from San Vito Lo Capo or from Castellammare del Golfo , know that the breathtaking landscape of the Reserve will accompany you throughout the journey. And if you are not able to do the entire excursion (about 4 hours in all), it does not matter, because the extraordinary views are at every step. Rock and sea, stone and water: the elements that meet, giving life to a mix of intense and soft colors at the same time. The coves, green-blue and white with pebbles and the red earth, so intrinsically linked to the sea. The coves, refreshment on summer days, chase each other from the entrance of San Vito Lo Capo to Castellammare del Golfo.

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Camardella Giovanni


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