When your pet dies…

Losing a pet can leave significant voids in our life and recovering from pet loss requires us a great effort and time.

In “Living with canaries”, the article I published on November 28, 2021, I wrote about my passion for canaries and I talked about Lana and Pii, my two canaries, really good companions.

Today I want to write  an article about one of them which is dead.

Last month my canary (her name was Lana) had fertilized 5 eggs and she was ready to lay  them..

I was very fond of her and my family as well. In the evening of February 12th, when I went to see her in the cage, I noticed that she was very sick. I didn’t sleep all night thinking about her…..I was worried. The next morning I went to see how Lana was….but I had  a bad surprise …. she was dead. Her little body was stretched out and her eyes were closed. I was very sad  and for the pain, I was feeling the tears ran down my face. .In that  moment I thought of all the good time I  spent with her: for example,  I had taught her to fly and to get into the cage. I also remember when one day she was on my shoulder and came  to my cheek as she wanted to kiss me. 

When  she  died all my family  was very  sad because pets  are as members of family and when one of them  leaves us a great emptiness and sadness remains. I will always carry her memory  in my heart. Few days ago I adopted another canary and I called  her Lana . I’m teaching her   many things  and  I think  only in this way  I can feel more  serene and the memory of Lane  lives in me every day.

Losing a pet leaves a significant void in our life 

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