Malala Yousafzai  is a young pakistani human rights activist, who fights for the rights of women and girls to receive an education.

She  was born in 1997 in the Swat Valley, a region of Pakistan.

She loved school, because of this the tenager had angered the Taliban with her public outspoken and courageous pleas for girls to be educated. The group decided to kill her because she criticised Islam. She was shot by a gunman who boarded her school bus in the valley of Swat in Northwest Pakistan on October 2012. Malala survived and she continues to fight for peace and equality.

Speaking to the BBC’s Panorama programme, she said. “I want to tell the students of UK to think that is very precious, it is very prestigious, go to school”.

“ Reading a book, having a pen in our hands, studying, sitting in a classroom is something very special for us, because once we were deprived from it and because what we have seen in Swat”.

Life was tough for the bright and determined youngster as she was born in to a society that did not value girls.

“When I was born, some of our relatives came to our house and told my mother, don’t worry , next time you will have a son”.

“For my brother it was easy to think about the future, they can be anything they want, but for me it was hard. And for this reason, I wanted to become educated and I wanted to empower myself with knowledge…”

Malala is the youngest ever Nobel Peace Prize winner.

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