There are many behaviors and rules that will change from 1 April, which give us the little hope we need to get back to normal.

From the stop of the green pass for indoor spaces and public transport and also to the elimination of the super green pass to go to work.

After two years of state of emergency, everything changes completely. As I have already said, the month of April opens a new phase to Italian citizens. There are many behaviors that will no longer be implemented this month.

For example, the definitive elimination of the quarantine for close positive contacts, even if not vaccinated. From 1 May, however, the obligation of the green pass will be eliminated. However, until December 31, 2022, there is an obligation to vaccinate. 

From 1 April in the workplace it will be sufficient to wear surgical masks.

And the obligation to wear masks indoors remains, with the exception of private homes.       

As for quarantines and isolations, only those who contracted the virus will have to stay at home.

For the school environment, on the other hand, with at least 4 positive cases in a class, the activities continue in the presence but teachers and students are obliged to wear the FFp2 mask for 10 days from the last contact with the positive subject.

That said, I really want to get back to normal, to be free again, and get out without worrying about getting the virus.

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Agata Ferrara


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