It is a document with universal value approved on 25 September 2015 by the 193 member states of the UN. The Agenda for Sustainable Development is an ambitious plan that sets out to achieve prosperity, that is respectful of the planet and its inhabitant and that has the following objectives:

• Addressing poverty, inequality, and other global challenges;

• Make a commitment to “leave no one behind”.

 The 2030 agenda is based on the five P’s: partnership, people, peace, planet, and prosperity.

To strengthen it, 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), and 16 sub-goals have been created that can be achieved by all countries by 2030.
The concept of sustainable development now consists of the integrated balance between three dimensions: economic, environmental, and social.

Supported by a prosperous environment and society, the SDGs from an economic point of view focuses on industry, innovation, and infrastructure, the reduction of inequality, and responsible consumption and production.

On the other hand, social development is impossible if the environment is harmed and natural resources become scarce. Thus, the SDGs are associated with clean energy, the eradication of poverty and hunger, peace and justice, education, gender equality, and health.

A healthy environment is an essential starting point for promoting social justice and economic development. If we fail to meet the targets regarding clean water and sanitation, marine life, life on land, and climate action, we will never achieve the other higher objectives.

Of course to reach these goals is important that all of us contribute, as we can, especially in this period: coronavirus has made it difficult to focus on the Agenda.

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