The word “racism” has an ideological connotation. It is based on the arbitrary and scientifically incorrect distinction of men into races according to the hierarchical criteria such as to justify abuse to one another and even ethnic cleansing. However, its meaning was then extended to denote any attitude to rejection of political ideas. As far as the first definition is concerned, the concept of race can be better defined: it means a set of individuals who have common hereditary physical characteristics, such as the colour of  skin, nose and eyes. The problems become worse when a race is considered superior to the other.  Stop racism, men are all equal!



Catanese Maria Chiara


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Siamo arrivati al PREMIO FINALE: sono stati selezionati i 10 vincitori (5 studenti delle scuole medie inferiori e 5 delle medie superiori) con i relativi

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Siamo arrivati alla conclusione della prima parte del progetto English News. Desideriamo, innanzitutto, ringraziare tutti coloro che hanno aderito all’iniziativa: i professori che hanno curato

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