What is pollution ?

What is pollution ? It is  a global environmental problem which affects all states and all human beings.

Pollution consists in the alteration or contamination of any material or environment by inorganic or organic agents or bacteria, resulting from various human, productive or permanent activities. These agents contaminate the environment by destroying its balance and altering the habitats of the species that live there.Pollutants are toxic and harmful and are capable of causing serious damage to the health of humans and other animals.

There are different types of Earth pollution. However, they interact with each other, intertwining in a single, interconnected and indivisible system, just like the environment in which we live. Air pollution, for example, has consequences on water quality and is linked to water pollution.

The main types of pollution that threaten the planet and of which man is the cause are:  thermal, water, marine, atmospheric, acoustic.

What are the consequences of pollution on human health?

Small particles have harmful  effects on humans because they penetrate more easily into the lungs and blood, causing inflammation. Recently, exposure to pollution has been associated with low birth weight, effects on mental health, diabetes and other diseases.

 Pollution causes an alteration to the air, water and soil, becoming harmful to people and nature. Air pollution causes the deaths of approximately 7 million people worldwide. The main sources of pollution are industries, heating systems and traffic, the causes are discharges from industries and means of transport. 80% of marine pollution is produced on land, through fertilizers, pesticides and chemicals, the fertilizers that can be found in the fields that through the rivers end up in the seas. The soil is contaminated with chemicals, toxic and radioactive materials, unfortunately all this causes serious health problems for humans and animals. Don’t pollute our planet!

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