What is happiness?

What is happiness? This may sound like one of the many silly questions children ask, but if we think about it, finding an answer is pretty difficult because nobody really knows where to look for it or how it can be achieved.

For each person, happiness has a different meaning and depends on the different phases and circumstances of their life. For example, when we are kids, we feel happy after receiving the longed-for game, or after spending a whole afternoon at the playground; during our teenage years, we are happy if we are surrounded by lots of friends, or because we have managed to be in a relationship with the most beautiful boy in high school, or because we have managed to convince our parents to let us do something we were forbidden to do before. On the other hand, when we are adults, we think we can achieve it after we have created our own family, have had children, and obtained a good job.

The truth is, at each stage of life, we simply have a different point of view. Every human being can be happy in his or her own way, happiness can come from a situation that makes us feel good and makes the day enjoyable, from a message from a friend who simply asks if we are okay, from an unexpected hug, or from a spontaneous gesture, etc.

It is difficult to live and to ask ourselves how we can always be happy, while knowing that it is impossible, our lives are made of small happy moments, and it is indeed up to us to choose how and when to use each moment of the day to live happily.

Happiness is found in the little things, in the smiles of the children, in stopping to watch the sea while sitting on the shore, in the hugs from our loved ones, and in the moments we spend with our friends.

In conclusion, the happiness everyone pursues is actually the serenity and inner balance of our being. As Oscar Wilde said, “Happiness is not having what you want, but desiring what you have.”

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