Bullying is an aggressive behavior towards those who don’t know how to  defend. This phenomenon  include the use of threat, teasing and  force in a repeated and habitual way. It is widespread  among young people, especially at school. But bullying is developed in any contest , which also include family, the workplace, home and neighborhoods. The main platform for bullying is on social media websites. Bullying may be defined in many different ways but it  can be divided into 4 basic types psychological, verbal, physical, and cyber.

We should be very careful! How to  respond to bullying? We should ignore bullies, but if the bullying continues  adolescents  must talk to their parents or supervisors or authority qualified  figures, a psychologist, for example. In some cases, even authority figures support the people doing the bullying: iIt is important to create  an environment where it won’t continue.

Our teachers  have provided us with a clear definition of bullying and they describe consequences for bullying incidents, they always give us strong anti-bullying guidelines at school!



Salvatore Montalbano-Istituto comprensivo O.G. De Cruyllas- Ramacca


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