For a long time, digital citizens have accustomed to visiting, researching and relying for their purchases and business on increasingly sophisticated and refined websites, compared to not so long ago when going to a site was only used to provide informative content for companies and organizations. The activity of a webmaster included often all aspects of the design, development and maintenance of a website or e-commerce.

Today companies want their online presence to be attractive, functional and easily found by users on the Internet. Because of this, a web master must have a good knowledge of the Internet and in most cases he also has a specific specialization (programmer, web design, web marketing). He also knows hardware / servers. Today professional webmasters work in companies and organizations of various types and sizes for the web, marketing and communication agencies that offer website creation services, Those who work independently, as freelance webmasters for agencies, companies or individuals, carry out the typical tasks of creating and managing websites even from home or remotely.

Worldwide associations bring together professionals in the sector and they are different.

The term webmaster, therefore, generally indicates the person who designs, builds, administers and manages a website after its online publication, taking care of its correct functioning, the resolution of any technical problems, the choice and renewal of hosting and services related to website. With the development of the World Wide Web, a webmaster can take on specific connotations and tasks based on the size of the website, the company target and the available budget.

On a small site, the webmaster can be the designer, the developer, the programmer, the graphic designer, the content editor. In amateur sites he is often entrusted with the management of contacts with site users as well as ownership of the site itself.

On larger sites and in the professional field, the webmaster is responsible for coordinating and supervising the activities of the other people who work on the site (graphic designers, publishers), and is an employee or a person in charge of the site owner: for this reason, the webmaster is a “professional figure”, with adequate kwowledge of the web structure and quality standards, programming languages, the functioning of search engines and the IT sector.

The most important phase, from which the skill and competence of a webmaster is understood, is that of planning. The creation of a site for a client involves the study of the client himself, of his activity and the reality in which he operates, the reference market and the competition.

This phase includes both coding and programming and the graphic creation of the pages. The webmaster uploads the contents and, before putting the site online, checks that everything is working correctly from a technical point of view, that there are no errors, that the pages load quickly and the site is accessible and usable by different browsers and devices (PC, smartphone, tablet).

The stipulation of a webmaster in America, if the activity is carried out full-time, has a fee that varies between 30 and 80 thousand dollars a year, while the hourly rate varies between 15 and 40 dollars.

The stipulation of a webmaster in Italy varies between 18 and 30 thousand euros gross a year with an hourly rate that varies between 18 and 40 euros gross. 

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