What dance means…

It is such a pure and beautiful art that every time I look at it in all its forms, I fall in love more and more. 

With “her”, I have had a bond from an early age, which I will carry forever in my heart.

 She helps me, supports me and frees me from all obstacles encountered in life.

It is my only refuge and escape, it is a love that you cannot say no to, that love that you do not give up at any cost.  Every step I take while dancing is as if it has been stitched up on me.

 When I dance I don’t think about anything, thoughts and worries disappear and I get carried away by the music.

 She raised me, holding me close to her like a mother hugs her child to comfort him.

 Dance is my childhood favorite game, it gave me unforgettable emotions and friendships.

 I hope that dance and I will always remain one thing.

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Lisi Martina


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