What can we do to protect our environment?

Pollution is a global environmental problem that affects all countries and all humans and it is also a threat to all living beings. The pollutants, in fact, modify the environment, that is the air, water and soil and putting the health of the entire planet at risk. If we really want to save and protect our environment, we have to start doing something and we have to act. Children can make a difference. The fact is that even the small actions of a few conscious people of the climatic crisis have given a great contribution to save the environment. We should practice the three R’s: recycle, reduce, reuse. If one person started to practice this it would make a huge difference. We should also spread the word and educate our relatives and friends about the importance of conserving our planet.

Some things that help protect our environment are for example:

1) Reduce the waste of water: do not slide the tap water if not strictly necessary; use washing machine and dishwasher always at full load.

2) waste recycling: reusing everything that can be reused.

3) Save energy, for example wash your hand-dressed clothes and roll out to dry, instead of using the dryer.

4) Reduce the use of plastic.

5) Reduce paper consumption.

6) And always avoid moving by car, but ride a bike or walking on foot.

So, hope isn’t lost. If we act together, we can make a positive difference. Earth is our only home! Our planet has a lot to offer for us: beautiful lands, water, clean air to breathe, life, and much more! We should show our love and appreciation to our planet by protecting the environment.

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Carmen Sergi




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