What about web reputation?

Web reputation or online reputation is the reputation of a person on the internet and it is based on the perception that users have on the subject. All the things you do on your profile are meaningful because they influence your followers ‘way to see you.

We could also say that web reputation is what the web says about a person, a brand, or a business. When we talk about a company we can call it corporate web reputation, when we consider a single person we can call it personal web reputation.

The rise of social media changed how companies see and understand reputation. In the past, a message created by the PR team was promoted on TV, radio, and newspapers to the general public. Nowadays, most businesses communicate with their clients via social media profiles, a medium that is very different. With social media, the power is in the hands of consumers. Reacting to messages, live communication, instant reviews, and social media groups changed how companies manage their online reputations. The complexity of online reputation is incredible: it’s not uncommon for a company to receive thousands of responses to a message in a matter of minutes. Similarly, news, bad or good, can catch on like wildfire, becoming viral instantly.

In this scenario, having a good online reputation plan is critical. It will help you have control over the messages you deliver, and prevent bad rumors that concern you from circulating, while also giving you options and alternatives if a problem ever arises.

Do you have both a good web reputation and a real reputation?

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Alessandra Calderone


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