We need to breathe…

“End of the state of emergency, back to normality?”

In these two years our life has changed a lot, staying indoors for many months has more or less changed everyone’s personality, isolation has been a bad feeling because we have not seen our friends and relatives for months.

We used to wake up in the morning and connect to online lessons every day. We spent the afternoons closed at home studying behind a computer or finding ways not to get bored, such as playing online games, cooking, or painting. We could only leave the house to take our dog for a walk and take out the garbage.

Without any doubt, our perception of time and space has changed. Many of us have forgotten what it is like to be without a mask and socialize with other people, not only through social media. Our way of living has changed a lot, maybe we will feel uncomfortable without a mask, but in the future, everyone hopes that it will be possible to breathe, smile, and talk without protecting ourselves from others.

We have missed many things in the last two years,  going out with friends or indoors without a mask, being able to hug our relatives, and going to school as we were used to doing before the outbreak of the pandemic. Vaccines have certainly helped us a lot to overcome the state of the health emergency, we have had faith in science and it has worked. I think everyone wants to get some air, we all need to spend summer without the fear to give the virus to someone else. The first thing I will do is hug my friends without fear of being infected or infecting the ones I love.

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Borrelli Maria Grazia


2° B Liceo Linguistico


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