We are the results of our past…

What was one of the most important part of our history? I’d say for sure the Second Industrial revolution.

It took place in 1870 in the United States and then spread to some nations of Europe and in Japan. During this period, various industrial and economic sectors, such as energy, transport, have developed thanks to new technologies and especially in the field of medicine.

The first important news was the discovery of new raw materials such as electricity and oil.

A new production system has been introduced: the assembly line, which is a very noisy and tiring assembly process invented by Frederick Taylor and applied by Henry Ford, the founder of the cars.

There have also been inventions and discoveries of 2 types: technology and medicine:

Technology: such as steel, reinforced concrete, bulb, telephone, tram, combustion engine, cinema apparatus and airplane.

As regards MEDICINEAniline: which allowed the detection of tuberculosis and cholera bacilli

Vaccines: for rabies, a disease caused by the bite of a dog in 1885 by Louis Pasteur.

In 1794 by Edward Jenner against smallpox

Anesthesia: discovered in the late 1800s by Doctor William Morton.

Aspirin: invented in 1875 by Felix Hoffmann to fight combat the fever that in the past could lead to death.

Insecticide: discovered in the same year, but in the early twentieth century it was discovered that it was a highly toxic substance for people no longer allowing its production.

In this period there were several social issues whose greatest exponents were Marx and Engels Angel who in 1848 wrote “The Manifesto of the Communist Party” where he explained how the world would be with the abolition of the distinction between social classes.

In addition, the first trade unions were created to protect workers’ rights and reduce working hours.

Moreover, the proletariat was very widespread, that is, a social class formed by poor people who had as their only wealth their children.

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