Book have always been in paper format since the ancient times and, then, with the invention of printing press, culture was accessible to common people only if they went to libraries or places were books and newspaper circulated. 

Nowadays technology and new inventions have completely changed our lives and even our readings. We have evolved more and more: we use phones, computers, e-book readers. News and culture are available on many devices and through several operating systems. 

But what has made the real difference between paper and digital was the birth of “WATTPAD”. The app was created in 2006 by Allen Lau and Ivan Yuen and it allows young people and adults who love reading to “browse” and read a story. Of course, we don’t mean the traditional stories written and published as books rather than stories written by the users of the app, showing off their imagination to the fullest. 

An example of a digital book that had a worldwide success created on Wattpad is the “After” trilogy, born as a fanfiction dedicated to Harry Styles, member of a loose band that was named One Direction. This tale was written by the American author Anna Tood who decided to start writing this story on this app with the only support of her phone and her imagination. Given that her first story was a great success, the writer decided to publish other volumes: After-We Collided, After-We Fell, After-Ever Happy and Before that were published in paper edition by the publishing house “Simon & Shuter” in October 2019.

As already mentioned above, “After” is a series of five volumes that tell the most beautiful and most tormented love story between the girl-next-door girl Tessa Young and a pierced and tattooed boy Hardin Scott. At first, the two dislike each other because they are too different: her life has been already planned ahead by her mother and she has been engaged to a younger boy she has known since the age of seven. On the contrary, he has a troubled past and that makes everyone hate him. The two, however, get closer thanks to a bet made by Hardin during a party, which planned to make Tessa fall in love with him and then leave her. Unexpectedly, he really falls in love with her. But things are not going well because one evening she learns about the cheating from a girl who is anything but kind and reliable. From that moment on, they inevitably separate, even if they are destined to meet again and be together despite everything.

In our opinion, the birth of this application was a creative way to cultivate the hobby of reading as well as writing, because it is not necessary to be a real writer to give life to a story and express your imagination and feelings. For this reason, we recommend this app full of imaginative stories and often dedicated to our idols.

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Rebecca Blandino, Maria Gabriella Sottile


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