There is an app that is unknown to many, but that only shy teenagers know, with some Fandom and young writers. This app is called Wattpad. It is an app in which you can write and read. You can create your own account and then be able to write books or even small stories.

Many writers are growing thanks to Wattpad. I  prefer paper books, but this app is different: you can find stories by any actor, sagas, film, singer, band, and much more, you can comment and like the story you prefer,  you can follow your favorite writers and more. It holds a  very important world for some.

This world is called  Fandom. That world is made up of various teenagers who like them: sagas (such as Harry Potter,  Maze Runner, Hunger Games etc.) TV series (Teen Wolf  etc.) or even of musical groups or singers (One direction,  Ariana Grande etc.). Obviously everything about these  things is the Fandom so photos, videos and much more.  In it we are treated as mutual brothers and sisters and  each one helps even if they do not know each other.  

Obviously, the Fandom is not only spread on Wattpad but also on Tik Tok, Tumblr, and Instagram. People don’t notice it, because they don’t care but it has always been there.

Let’s go back to Wattpad. How to use it? In the meantime, you don’t necessarily need to download the app, the website (wattpad.com) also exists. You can make what you read public or not. 

There are some paid books but more than half of them  are free. The stars are equivalent to the like that is found  everywhere. You can comment normally and as I repeat  you can write safely.

I use it and I highly recommend it to all of you, especially for young writers-to-be!

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