Waste oil: pollution that becomes a resource

You have just fried aubergines for lunch and you need to empty the pan of oil. Where do you deliver the residual oil? And that of tuna in oil? And what about the engine oil of the cars?

Waste oils are all those residual oils of domestic or industrial origin. Waste oil is not biodegradable and is not an organic material. Spilling exhausted oils on soil is very serious, because when this waste is dispersed underground, it deposits a very thin film around the earth particles and thus forms a barrier layer between the particles themselves, the water and the roots of the plants, preventing the intake of nutrients. If thrown into the sea, the oil forms a film that prevents the passage of sunlight, damaging the marine ecosystem.

In contact with groundwater, the used oil can make tens and tens of liters of water no longer drinkable, preventing oxygenation.

But then where should it be conferred?

Exhausted oil should absolutely not be thrown into the sink, but not even in the garbage. It should be conferred to the waste oil stations, so that it can be recycled. Once it has entered the disposal process, used oil is duly treated, cleaned and regenerated so that it can be reintroduced into the market under other forms of products. Companies specialized in oil recycling  transform used oil into lubricants, inks, oils for agricultural machinery and even candles. Let’s recycle used oil!

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