War is the ugliest thing that can exist in a civilized world like that of our day. Today, with all the prosperity there is, I really think that war is one of the most senseless acts that mankind can carry out. The great politicians of our time, if only they wanted to, would have all the means necessary to discuss the problems that exist without resorting to war. Instead, weapons capable of destroying entire populations are still being built every day, and on the news you hear nothing but the death and destruction of entire cities. I think that war is an abominable thing and that there should be no more people who go hungry or lose their families because of war. There should be absolutely no new wars, and all powerful nations must take action to try to put an end to those that already exist. I also believe, however, that behind every war there are reasons that have been going on for too long and that we can’t even explain, and unfortunately I also believe that the most powerful men on earth sometimes have ruthless interests in ensuring that war continues to exist in the world, even though I can’t imagine what those interests might be. The only war that I can try to justify in some way are peacekeeping missions, which also seem like a war to me, given that soldiers go on them and often use weapons to stop revolts, but at least these soldiers go to distant countries and leave their families to try to protect someone else.

I suspect that wars very often serve to enrich some nations at the expense of others who starve because of them. Take World War II, for example. I believe that this war was made exclusively for the will of a few men and that it involved the whole world for a whole series of consequences. Hitler, for example, was a megalomaniac, in my opinion, who wanted to conquer the world for no reason at all, and some people went along with him. In my opinion, however, war is in any case unjustifiable and above all not necessary.

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Michele Oliva and Massimo Agugliaro




My trip in Malta gave me very good feelings! First of all, the school environment was very nice, and the teachers were.  very gentle and

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