War between Ukraine and Russia

About a month ago the war between Ukraine and Russia began, at first I did not believe it because I only heard it on social media like Tik Tok, but then I also heard the news on the news, which at the beginning did not really talk about the war but of the things Putin wanted to do against Zelensky’s people.

Then after about a day the real war began, we began to see videos of the serene playing in Kiev or even of the first bombs released by the Russians.

During this month there have been various demonstrations made by citizens of every country, even in Russia, but after they protested Putin sent them all to prison or even some were even killed.

So to help these poor citizens the people of other nations give them a new home to these Ukrainians but also some food, water and hygiene products.

Still this thing still continues but I would like to hope that one day these Putins will stop hurting these people who have done nothing, in addition to the things that are done daily.

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Matteo Dolcini


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