War between Russians and Ukraine

In this period, much news is being heard of the war between Russia and Ukraine after the bombing of kiev (the capital of Ukraine).

In truth this war began several years ago, precisely in February 2014, and then in March (also in 2014) Russia took back a piece of Ukraine or the Crimea that a few days earlier through a referendum the inhabitants of that region had agreed to return to the sovereignty of Moscow; later a civil war broke out in the Donbass region because it followed the example of Crimea, in this way the provinces of Donetsk and Lugansk proclaim themselves independent republics. In February 2015, with the agreement called Minsk II, a ceasefire was finally reached, however the commitments undertaken at that time were not fully respected with the consequence that the conflict unfortunately continues uninterruptedly until today. On February 24, 2022, Russian troops launched missile launchers, thus besieging the capital Kiev. In my opinion it is not fair that people still, even if we are in 2022, continue to wage war by killing innocent people. Let’s hope the war ends soon.

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Frida MIlazzo


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