War between Russia and Ukraine

My thoughts on the war between Russia and Ukraine are that it is wrong to attack other people who have not done anything to you attacking only for your interests because in the war thousands of people die who have nothing to do with it.

These days the thing that is most displeasing to me is the orphaned children who have remained without their families and who find themselves in the situation of leaving their land and moving to another without knowing which families will be entrusted to them if they are found good or bad.

Another thing that is hitting me a lot and the thing that all men are forced to leave their families to fight and the worst thing is that it is not known if they will see them again one day.

my thought is that all these people who are fighting and who are running away are really strong because it is not easy to do all this and that if I would have found myself in their situation I do not know if I would be so strong because it is not easy to change land from moment to moment.

I hope it ends immediately because as I said earlier in the war there are no winners.

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Francesco Zappalà


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