Before making a trip it’s important to get as much information as possible about the place, the transport, the climate, the tourist sites, the cooking… In order to do this you can visit a lot of websites, and here we suggest some interesting ones.

3rd place: Intercultura


On this website, in the section called “Storie”, you can read about hundreds of Italian teenagers who have spent a few months or more in another country. They let readers know about all the experiences they lived, by mentioning traditional activities, best places to visit, bars and restaurants, details about the lifestyle… For example a girl called Augusta describes the city of Gujarat, in India. She tells us about the Hindu celebrations in which she took part painting her forehead in orange, throwing colored powder and flying kites.

2nd place: Sharewood


This website is recommended for anyone who loves adventure trips including outdoor activities, sports, a full immersion into nature… The aim is to reduce the environmental impact of travelling, promote responsible tourism and the local population. Sharewood suggests your perfect holiday and helps you organize it, starting from your interests and feelings.

1st place: Lonely planet


It gives you an important tourist guide about every aspect of travelling. Based on your interests and likes, it proposes the best destination for you. It informs you about the places you will find in the city you will be visiting, such as restaurants, historical centres, theatres, hotels… And also about public transport, events, activities, outdoor places…

In conclusion, if you’re into travelling and you have no idea about where you can look for information, why don’t you just check these websites out?

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Eleonora Acquaviva, Marta Cavallaro, Marco Dimina, Desireè Sanzaro.


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