Volunteering in Germany

Volunteering in Germany has a long tradition that goes back to the 19th century.

Today, around 44 percent of all Germans over the age of 14 volunteers for the community. Their motives and experiences are as diverse as the tasks they take on.

Doing volunteer work makes sense and helps. In addition, it is also a lot of fun!

After all, volunteering offers everyone the space to live out their skills and talents and at the same time create added value for their fellow human beings.

People of all ages can volunteer because everyone can help to help those in need.

For example, a young, strong boy can do practical work, but a grown man can be useful in other ways.

Here are some examples of volunteer work:

  1. Working as a coach in a club
  2. Help in police or fire department
  3. Work as a social and youth worker
  4. Work as a first aid instructor
  5. Help in rescue and medical services, in the Red Cross
  6. Caring for terminally ill people

Volunteering can also become real paid work; it’s good.

If volunteering is your real job, you can reach out to the less fortunate for as long as you like.

Charity is important, and we should all set aside at least a few days a month to engage with the less fortunate.

For example, to become a Red Cross volunteer, you must complete an 18-hour training course. At the end of the path introduced in the association to better understand how it works, the activities that can be carried out, and the specialization courses that can be followed.

The Red Cross is a worldwide institution in which all societies have equal status and share equal responsibilities and duties in helping each other.

Benefits of volunteering:

  1. Make a difference in someone’s life.
    1. Volunteer with other passionate people.
    1. Be recognised for the skills and experience you bring to our organisation.
    1. Learn new skills that could help your career.
    1. Be a part of the largest humanitarian organisation in the world.

I recommend everyone to volunteer!

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