Doctors and volunteers have always been active to treat and help the people in emergency conditions. However, their commitment has never been so much needed as since the pandemic. Italy and the world have been faced with a violent health emergency due to the Covid-19, which has led to a greater request for help. There are people who are too scared so they pull back; but there are also many people who have decided to volunteer to give their help.

The pandemic has shown its effects not only in hospitals; there are people who must be isolated and need care and assistance in their homes. For this reason the Italian Red Cross (CRI) has worked hard since the beginning of the Covid-19 alert on the whole national territory through thousands of volunteers who tirelessly support the population. Mayla, a young CRI volunteer, explains that their work has drastically changed with the pandemic. They have been working to guarantee rescue and support also through small daily gestures of help for those in need: home assistance, delivery of shopping, medicines and basic necessities in addition to the traditional ambulance service and transport. To give more support to Italians in this difficult period, the Red Cross has planned this free activity based on the collection and delivery of drugs or food products: this campaign is called “Time of Kindness”. The three key words of this activity are “smart, safe, kind”: assisting the population with intelligence and creativity, safely and with kindness.

The Italian Red Cross also gives support to hospitals and schools, provides availability in reception camps for migrants and health care on ships. In addition, with its toll-free number, it provides psychological and information support to thousands of citizens. ”We want to send a message of closeness to all people, especially the most affected by the virus”, she says. For this reason the Italian Red Cross wants to encourage all people to help: everyone can become a volunteer regardless of gender, age, profession, religion and sexual orientation. You just need to want it and be motivated to help!

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