People usually think that being a VIP is all fun and games, but, in reality, I think it is not the case at all! To discover why, we can take as an example Belèn Rodriguez, a well-known 36 years old Argentine model and TV presenter. She began her modelling career at only 17 years old. According to some surveys, she is among the most criticized Italian public figures, because she is equivocal. But people who insult her, use unpolite words, unpleasant male appreciation. She is criticized about her way of being a mother, her love affairs… But these are only a few of the taunts. When you are a VIP you are not free to do anything. If you suffer a breakup with your partner, the haters are just around the corner to say that surely it will have been your fault, or that you are a bad guy or that you will have placed yourself with someone else. When you are single, on the other hand, if those who deal with gossip spot you with a boy or girl who could be your stlist or your make-up artist, it immediately comes out in the newspapers or on the web: “*X* spotted in Milan in Via della spiga with another man / woman ”. Basically they can do NOTHING! They may be rich, famous, but their life is still very difficult and too much spied on.

Sometimes, when they are on TV, we say to ourselves “I wish I’d be in his or her place!”, but, in my opinion, considering what I have already said, you will think it twice before saying it again!

Those who are reading should always be proud of themselves because everyone is special. Stop envying VIPs: even their life is not an easy one!!

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Lusyana Alissa Catalano




My trip in Malta gave me very good feelings! First of all, the school environment was very nice, and the teachers were.  very gentle and

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