Mattarella: “ It is a public emergency “. 

In Italy a woman is killed every 3 days. With the  lockdown this phenomenon has tripled. This  phenomenon is worldwide, the UN secretary Antonio  Guterres called it “a shadow pandemic”. The news of  violence against women is too often our news, giving the  image of a society where there is the lack of respect for  women. These are the words of Sergio Mattarella. 

Linked to the Coronavirus pandemic, women are also  suffering more from the economic crisis, in Italy almost  half a million have lost their jobs. Discrimination of  women includes many aspects, women have a precarious  job and do not have the same rights as men, moreover  the woman risks losing her job if she is pregnant. Often female professional skills are understimated for  appearance and therefore aesthetics since external  beauty dominates intelligence. 

There is much to say on the subject of violence against  women. Women who no longer want to be subjected to  violence by the man next to them, decide to say enough  and for this they find themselves in unpleasant situations  of costant harassment. Violence against women begins inside home and they rarely report abuse. This violence  often remains hidden out of fear, modesty and hopes of  future improvement but many cases end in murder. 

To combat violence against women, one must listen to  and believe in the victims. We educate future  generations respect human rights, they must be taught that it is okay to be different and they must be  encouraged to a culture of acceptance and welcome. We  also need to raise awareness of social issues and support  and finance women’s organizations that empower  women by amplifying their voices. The end of violence  against women is not just about women but is  everyone’s business for a better future.

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Giovanni Gurreri


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