Vinted? Here is what it is and how it works

One of the innovations included in the growth of commerce is exactly Vinted.

An application used by everyone, especially young people who manage to make some money to spend, as they want.        

What does it consist in?

Through this app, you can sell items and clothing that currently only occupy space.

Are you going to sell an unused dress? With Vinted, you can!

Are you going to get rid of an unappreciated gift? With Vinted, you can!

In 2008, Milda Mitkute and Justas Janauskas co-founded Vinted in Vilnius, Lithuania, testing a prototype site where Lithuanian women could trade their clothes

You can access via a computer, through the website and, if you want, you can use your smartphone faster and more immediately!

This free online platform helps e-commerce to grow and increase more and more, bringing benefits both to those who sell and to those who buy.

You can also enjoy these benefits, download the app, sell and earn!

Since their launch, Vinted has expanded into men’s and children’s clothing. As of 2020, Vinted is available in fifteen countries.

Here is the innovation of the century. Just a “click”!

Vinted charges buyers a service fee on each purchase. They also charge sellers a fee every time they “bump” their listings to the top of the catalog.[6] Sellers can also choose, for a fee, to spotlight their wardrobe so that their full offerings appear in a horizontal scroll across the feed of certain buyers.

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