Videogames are a relatively new invention that has caught the attention of many young people nowadays, but their origins are still unknown to many people.

In 1952, the first videogame on a computer ever invented was “tic-tac-toe” and in 1958 a game called Tennis For 2 was invented by William Higinbotham to entertain the visitors of the Brookhaven National Laboratory.

Video games have got a big development in the last decades due to technological development (that gives the games a big potential). Statistics in the United States show that people prefer to buy video games instead of going to the cinema. As a matter of fact, video games surpassed cinema and TV’s popularity. Video games’ entertaining phenomenon is due to their variety that satisfies everyone’s interests: action, adventure, rhythm, role games and more!

Video games offer multiple challenges with various difficulties, they improve players’ attention and reflexes and sometimes you can even learn new languages while playing. They’re played mostly by young people, but that doesn’t mean that adults can’t join the fun! 

Sometimes people consider video games as a negative invention because some players are addicted to them. Their judgement is that video games make children’s lives worse, but we believe that once playing you just need to enjoy your free time and doing so it will be clear that videogames are just a form of entertainment. 

In conclusion we think that video games aren’t harmful, but they entertain and make us learn new things.

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Gabriele Bonini, Francesco Recchioni, Mattia Dimitri Ricci



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