Video games today

Video games are an essential part of the lives of many people.They can be based on a moltitude of themes, like friendship, love, etc. Today the videogames have reached the same level as the TV series or even surpassed them, since the video games are interactive.

How video games can make you better

When you play a video game youget into another world, where you can be anyone you want to be. Talking about online games, they offer you the possibility to collaborate with other people all around the world to reach a common objective.Playing with these new people not only gives you a great time, but allows you to know other people’s habits, other languages, and other ways to see the world and, in some cases, you can even make new friendships, even if it’s only an online exchange.

Changing the subject and switching to offline games, I think that they are even better.They make you feel part of a big story where you are the protagonist, they can make you feel strong feelings like sadness, rage or happines, they can even make you feel close to the character of the game, just as if you were there with them and give you important lessons of life.

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Luigi Catalano


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