Valentine’s Day is called the Feast Of Lovers. On the Christian calendar this day is celebrated by the martyrdom of Saint Valentine, a saint of Umbrian origins. Valentine was executed for having celebrated a forbidden marriage, thus becoming the protector of lovers.  Lovers’ Day is celebrated all over the world in a variety of ways. While in Italy, France and Spain 14th February is traditionally celebrated by lovers, with candlelit dinners and romantic phrases,  in northern Europe and the United States things are a little different. There, Valentine’s Day is also a celebration of friends, and the tradition of exchanging Valentine’s cards involves parents, teachers and classmates. It is a tradition for lovers to exchange gifts, chocolates and flowers. In Japan, there is also the exchange of chocolates, but it is the woman who gives the chocolates to the man. This custom is also widespread in South Korea. In Brazil, Lovers’ Day is celebrated on 12th June in honour of Saint Anthony. In England and the United States, the exchange of romantic cards called Valentines is widespread.

It is true that it is a day dedicated  to celebrating love, but it is good to remember that love should be celebrated every day of the year, it is the lifeblood we all need and around which all our actions revolve. Giving and receiving love makes us stronger, more conscious and certainly happier.

Let’s keep in mind a wise and correct quote by Mahatma Gandhi:

                                       “Where there is love, there is life”.



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