USA: shooting in Chicago, 2 dead and 8 wounded

According to what was reported by the Chicago police on Friday 20, a shooting resulting from a dispute between a group of teenagers in downtown Chicago in the late evening of Thursday 19 resulted in the death of two people and eight injured.

The shooting, therefore, according to the police, would have taken place at 22:40 local time, in front of a McDonald’s in the North Side area. The attacker was reported to have fired outside a subway, a few blocks from the Magnificent Mile, Chicago’s main commercial district, wreaking havoc inside the station as well. Apparently the agents would have tried to evacuate the carriages and one person, after having fallen on the platform, would have been injured. For the time being, police have arrested only one suspect and requisitioned a gun from the scene.  

According to recent data, it must also be said that the shootings in the heart of Chicago have increased significantly, including in the area where this shooting took place. For example, in the eighteenth district the shootings increased by 225% and in one of the areas of the city center, more precisely in the Downtown area and the loop, therefore the financial area of ​​Chicago, these would have increased by 100%. 

Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot, horrified, promised to increase the number of agents in the area, in order to make it safer for its citizens.The mayor also imposed a weekend curfew for minors after a 16-year-old in the Millennium Park area was shot last Saturday evening. The rules that came into force on Thursday therefore prohibit minors under the age of eighteen from entering Millennium Park from 6:00 pm, from Thursday to Sunday.

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