USA: a multinational country

The United States is a multinational country. It can also be called the country of immigrants. Every new nationality that once settled in America brought something new to the culture and traditions of the United States. Therefore, the rooted customs were mixed with many different and interesting traditions of other cultures. Therefore, the rooted customs were mixed with many different and interesting traditions of their cultures. In fact, for every day of the calendar, there will definitely be a national event that is peculiar, if not for one state, then for another.

Americans are very cheerful people, which allows them to make a real vacation from any normal day, only a couple of friends and a barbecue are enough for this. If we talk briefly about the traditions of the United States, the people of the country do a lot, not only for fun but also to pay tribute to their memory and gratitude for many things that have never been celebrated in their history.

•Thanksgiving is the oldest American holiday of Christian origin. It was celebrated in October 1621. This feast was born, because the pilgrims had worked hard throughout the spring and summer and, since the harvest had been good, they wanted to thank God for this. Their first Thanksgiving celebration lasted three days and the celebration was repeated every year. People cook great dinners with turkey stuffing and pumpkin pie.

•Independence Day: America was declared independent on July 4, 1776, when the Continental Congress passed the Declaration of Independence, which separated the Thirteen Colonies from the United Kingdom of Great Britain. Since that day, the Fourth of July has remained the most important annual national holiday in the United States. It is celebrated with parades, picnics, barbecue speeches, fireworks, and other public and private events.

•Columbus Day: the official date of Christopher Columbus’s arrival in the New World is October 12, 1492, but Columbus Day is celebrated throughout the nation on the second Monday of October. It was first celebrated by Italians in San Francisco in 1869.

There’s a big parade in New York City.

•President’s Day: The Day of the Head of State falls on the third Monday of February. In fact, it is dedicated to a position, not to a specific person. However, according to tradition, it is dedicated to the birthday of D. Washington, who went down in history as the first President of the United States.

•Martin Luther King Day: On the third Monday of the first month of the year, Americans remember a vibrant speaker, the leader of the Black Rights Movement in the United States, and the most famous African Baptist priest: Martin Luter King.

•Memorial Day:30 May. This day commemorates our parents’ day. But Americans are sent to the cemetery not only for the sake of their deceased relatives but also to pay tribute to all those who have left. On Memorial Day, they remember and thank distant ancestors and people who gave their lives for the country.

•Veterans Day:11 November. The festival is dedicated to the memory of people who died in one of the wars in which the Americans took part. Most government agencies don’t work these days. The president goes to the national cemetery to lay a crown on the grave of an unknown soldier.

•Become a pirate:19 September, all Americans have the unique opportunity to feel like a real pirate. You can wear a pirate hat, fight on sabers and use jargon to conquer the seas. And most importantly, you can drink rum from a bottle as much as you want.

•Punk Chunking: Autumn holidays that Americans spend on farms. People greet autumn, enjoy the harvest and relax. But the most important thing without which this event is possible is a pumpkin explosion.

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