Uni students: a sentimental journey

Your homeland is probably like your family: its value is felt only when it is lost

Today many Sicilian students leave their family, their friends, their life to study abroad. Why do they leave Sicily? Actually there are a lot of reasons and surely there are some advantages and disadvantages.

First of all, the main advantage is for the students. They abandon Sicily to carry out their studies at university. Away from Sicily they find a new and different world and they appreciate more the people that they get to know, their university life but especial they fall in love with the town they live in and when they discover all these pros they don’t want to come back any longer.

Young people love to travel, discover new places and consequently leaving their city is the dream to reach for many of them.

But this argument also has disadvantages, such as economic costs. First, everyone needs to consider all the money that parents spend to support their children in the city where they will live, such as university fees, the cost of housing, services and shopping. To all these costs those of the journeys to and from the university town should be added, and unfortunately they are not few.

Finally it is right to remember that these boys and girls who are starting their university life are alone, losing family and friends suddenly is not easy, especially in the first weeks.

In conclusion, leaving your city is not easy but essential, to live your life to the full.

Your blood probably freezes at the thought of leaving the city where you were born, raised, have met your friends and your first boyfriend, where you have cried and then smiled, but maybe it’s just unavoidable…or, as we say in Sicily, it’s fate!

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My trip in Malta gave me very good feelings! First of all, the school environment was very nice, and the teachers were.  very gentle and

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