Ukraine, the massacre of innocents

A full-blown war burst out between Russia and Ukraine after Putin’s invasion of Urkaine on the night between 23th and 24th February. “A special military operation” Putin declared.

Just a few weeks ago, the threat of a Russian invasion of Ukraine seemed an unreal hypothesis. Instead, in just a few hours, it turned into a devastating reality. Since the 24th February the big Ukrainian cities have been the target of atrocious bombings that are killing civilians and are destroying a thousand-year-old heritage.

Humanitarian corridors have been promised by Russia in order to get the inhabitants out of Mariupol, one of the most bombed cities. But Russians have never ceased firing on civilians and the evacuation has been blocked.

The little eighteen-month-old Kiril’s death has become the symbol of this atrocity. Pictures of Kiril and his mom tear the heart and torment our mind. A father holding a small bundle in his arms, a bloodstained blanket, a young mother running after them, with a slower desperate step. But there was no electricity in the hospital and the doctors could not do anything but ascertain that in that little body life had gone out.

135 children have been killed and 184 have been injured. This is the tragic report shared by the Ukrainian Parliament in its social channels on 25th March. These are not definitive numbers because it is impossible to check the bombed areas or the territories occupied by the Russian Army.

“Children have been killed. Children have been wounded. And children are being profoundly traumatized by the violence all around them.” said UNICEF Executive Director Catherine Russell calling for a suspension of hostilities to carry out urgent humanitarian action in Ukraine.

A month of war has caused the evacuation of 4,3 millions of children. This is one of the most tragic consequences of this war. “We must protect all children in Ukraine. Now. They need peace.” Catherine Russell said.

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