Ukraine invasion

the Russian  government  attacks nuclear central of ZaporIZZJA


Russians invasion of Ukraine has shocked the world during these last days,

 producing pain and fears between all the people from all over the world on Friday morning.

 The Russian president Vladimir Putin orders to attack the nuclear central of Zaporizzja in Ukraine and that set in on a fire. This attack has raised “Worldwide” fears of nuclear catastrophe because it reminds the world’s worst disaster at Ukraine’s Chernobyl in 1986.

Fortunately nuclear officials said that there’s  not Radiation spikes but the Russian troops controlled 

of the biggest central nuclear In Ukraine.

The alarm of that catastrophe has produced fear in all the world’s countries.

At the same time all of the states on the world condemned that attack and reported “This is a war crime”.


According to me, peace is the only answer to war.

War is the worst thing men can do: a lot of children are dying every day!

Why???? All the Ukrainian children must be happy, LIKE ME…

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Christian Pistorio


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