The Sicilian cannoli is one of the best known specialties of Sicilian pastry. Originally they were prepared for the carnival, it consists of a fried dough wafer and a ricotta-based filling. Another dessert is the Sicilian cassata which is a traditional cake made with sweetened ricotta, sponge cake, royal pasta and candied fruit. There are countless local variations that stand out for the typicality of the recipe, In fact, above all the external appearance can vary from a decoration of icing and candied orange peel. According to local variants, there may be additional ingredients, such as pistachio, pine nuts and  chocolate. Another dessert is  “the ried iris”  which is   made of fried sweet leavened dough.  

It  is a round shaped donut without a hole with a filling of ricotta cream, sugar, melted chocolate and pieces of chocolate. The variant with pistachio, chocolate and white cream is widespread in Catania, obviously also with ricotta. It should be eaten hot and just fried . Some  variant of baked iris is also widespread . Another sweet is a  fruit of Martorana, it is 

 an imitation of fruit, vegetables or fish shapes The basis of this recipe is almond flour and honey. 

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Ginevra Tomaselli


III E Liceo classico


My trip in Malta gave me very good feelings! First of all, the school environment was very nice, and the teachers were.  very gentle and

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